The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28060 August 19 2021 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28060
Clues Answers
A dean’s original sermon maybe in worship ADORATION
A second quote’s to be given for what medical practitioner will treat ascites
Admitters of wicked things, namely at one time originally sinful SCONCES
Being unrealistic about one bit of business, I celebrate IDEALISING
Bent on being still attached to clique dead set
Celebrity entertained by wicked person with sinister sign BASTARD
Charlie __ hurting no one, appealing to no one? CHARMLESS
College with fashionable folk by the sea in Brittany MERTON
Community’s thus with other people around group of islands SOCIETAL
Cosy little room where weapons thrown back SNUG
David’s wife in university city, the woman with arts degree BATHSHEBA
Easiest assignments __ only some needed rests SIESTAS
English member is first to thank one expressing mournful thoughts ELEGIST
Get rid of some French politician, twisted inside DESTROY
Joy of journalist lifted by something illuminating DELIGHT
Lawyers met with anger and torrent of abuse? BARRAGE
Man moving into place is one of the old people Samnite
Model to perform when given lines DOLL
Nellie is entertained by the fellow who comes from Greece? HELLENE
Overnight accommodation reportedly needed for these deliveries BIRTHS
Says fish could be heading towards America STATESIDE
Sometime get act sorted out? Bill will go through it committee stage
Son faces tough challenge __ more dangerous than any other SEVEREST
Sparkling old friend with energy and fragrance OPALESCENT
Statesman’s howler __ most calm in turmoil? thomas cromwell
Sympathy for all that trouble with foreign money lost THOUGHT
Understanding number in part of hospital will require particular drug ENTENTE
What club isn’t providing punishment for player? red card

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