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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28102 October 7 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Times Cryptic Crossword.

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28102
Clues Answers
Assess girl delayed securing entrance to university EVALUATE
Basil, perhaps __ or some other boy HERB
Blow one’s top: dash off article, appending name fly off the handle
Continue tediously, knowing it’s a predatory insect DRAGONFLY
Displace universal expert on Holy Writ UPROOT
Ingredient of salad and stew carers prepared WATERCRESS
Itch to join club keeping old ship’s vessel LONGBOAT
King showing displeasure when friend interrupts motor sport RALLYCROSS
Last of crops I see in storage tower SILO
Machine husband’s left running in the Odeon, for example? CINEMA
Musical craftsman, poet, dramatist and novelist oliver goldsmith
Part of generator seasoned soldiers set up first ARMATURE
Part of target, collecting music for ball outswinger
Peacekeepers given supply of coal, perhaps showing no appreciation UNGRATEFUL
Period of abstinence for firm FAST
Petty playing about involving third of set FOOTLING
Resinous substance the Spanish give out endlessly ELEMI
Sail bark regularly, wearing bowler SPINNAKER
Sail in yacht originally housed by Dahl briefly ROYAL
Scholar possibly? That’s open to speculation ACADEMIC
Shape of a London hospital mentioned in speech GUISE
Silly old man at end of track? BUFFER
Sketch protégé brought from the East DRAW
Student finally visiting teacher in jail STIR
Tactful Native American in western half of region DISCREET
Transport Tom hired, right for a month in Paris once THERMIDOR
Trendy way one student mostly identifies academy INSTITUTE
Unprotected, ultimately bitten by a sheep fly NAKED
Warm up again before missing first qualifying round REHEAT
Worry about being taken in by daily FRET