The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28251 March 30 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28251
Clues Answers
A broad smile arrested by head’s fury ANGRINESS
A politician reportedly entering exam relating to speechmaking ORATORIAL
American woman accepts rise, endlessly producing metal inlay DAMASCENE
Bath, possibly, initially smelling pretty awful SPA
Big cat Guevara viewed with rising abhorrence CHEETAH
Book arable land for discharge of firearms VOLLEY
Climber from Iowa with name in Californian city LIANA
Current member, one making mischief IMP
Diplomat dealing with bushy hirsute growth? ATTACHE
Erase old joke finally giving offence EXPUNGE
Fabric on end of divan in Mediterranean island CRETONNE
Fellow introducing French art books TOMES
Forgetful man exercising energy thus AMNESIC
Girl and boy crossing top of Italian lake GALILEE
Henry leaves top officer taking a fortified wine MARSALA
How a realist would act, almost PRACTICALLY
Like dry humour? Sounds like a lie! pawky
Like hereditary rule __ and city’s, oddly DYNASTIC
Makeshift post confused boy attendant briefly erected STOPGAP
Nonconformist causing upset to residents DISSENTER
Note about old hotel in central London area SOHO
Old woman, ultimately rather frivolous, chewing minute sweet MARSHMALLOW
Once rebuked poet about Liberal’s early years CHILDHOOD
One found in folklore, a divinity OREAD
Police officer going over a lightweight chart DIAGRAM
Rascal dismissing pressure to swindle SCAM
Slip up badly in summer month, backing freedom fighter GUERRILLA
Team catching emu finally and, separately, large shore bird CURLEW
Test way to secure date TRYST
Welshman with wife visiting auction in part of Yorkshire SWALEDALE
What’s left outside entrance to major art museum HERMITAGE
Winged figure police department guards at university CUPID

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