The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28252 March 31 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28252
Clues Answers
A large enclosure with standard support for climber ALPENSTOCK
Berlin quartet worried about possible source of mutton roast VITUPERATE
Better men succeeded in the Open OUTDOORS
Books and letters providing material for test LITMUS
Caribbean island exports what French drink MARTINI
Cats maybe fight Melody Maker in case musical box
Company perhaps regularly ruins city centre UNIT
Con tearaway? rip-off
Crow runs into trap? BRAG
Dealer uses this floor DECK
Echoing submarine captain’s signal OMEN
Fried cakes group returned after game CROQUETTES
He impedes outside broadcast furore, one blocking streets OBSTRUCTIONIST
Impressive tango by pianist who’s lost weight TELLING
Medic that’s sore in French river mouth EMBOUCHURE
Old ass, upset, leaves in stew? OREGANO
One stops weapon test to do with bearings ARMORIAL
Pass completed scene in film? OVERTAKE
Playful sketch this, after edit SKITTISH
Possibly needing a shawl cut? cold-shouldered
Produce trousers left for rider perhaps CLAUSE
Property of nobleman with rosy hue, blitzed? country house
Queen right to take time in finding one of her victims? MARTYR
Regret one voting against dull head CONTRITENESS
Send up topless overall MOCK
Slaver’s keener to acquire second of plantations SLOBBER
Superiority claimed by landed gentry EDGE
Workers in the dark altered fittings around first hotel, later hospital night shift

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