The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28255 April 4 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28255
Clues Answers
A bet involving millions? It makes you shudder TREMBLE
Abrupt decline strangely random UNPREDICTABLE
Airbus director, perhaps one introduced to transport conspiracy AUTOPILOT
Always camping in field, the cheapest way to go STEERAGE
Amorous Cockney lead having a brief moment EROTIC
Chosen to embrace ultimate in cool, as the Gherkin might be? PICKLED
Copper covered in spots __ something he ate? RADISH
Criticise sleeping place after change of heart ROAST
Doctor entering dark place where young play KINDERGARTEN
Examine a good book on Tory rival? CONTESTANT
Fatigue of current head on display WEARINESS
Fear of being caught? APPREHENSION
Hotel providing this arrangement? ACCOMMODATION
Intends to find a way MEANS
Memorial’s not cheap, unfortunately CENOTAPH
Mid-season, writer comes to ski resort ASPEN
Nothing disturbing primate’s idleness LANGUOR
Order wretched individual to leave home SECT
Pole holding everyone up for cash DOLLAR
Pull back a little, protecting excellent new weapon PONIARD
Reporter’s test of hearing AURAL
Slithery creature alarms dean horribly SALAMANDER
Stop couple turning up to grab staff award ENDOWMENT
Surrender of California vessel cave-in
Sweet little things linked to eastern potentate? SULTANAS
Titbit is gobbled up by a page boy APPETISER
Unbalanced United team finally defeated one-sided
Went to get some grass WEED

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