The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28256 April 5 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28256

Clues Answers
Artless image on smart card contains file SIMPLISTIC
Associates bully fat people heading off co-workers
Carpenter’s former increases announced ADZE
Collar gunmen’s oil supplier COPRA
Dredge watering hole briefly — deer returning SPRINKLE
Female group by banks of Liffey showing craft WILY
Fleet see Heath maybe coming on board, thinking shrewdly quick-wittedness
Flyer opposing pedestrian facility pelican crossing
Go round little lake circling hotel WHEEL
Hair around mouth that could form a wet oscular mush walrus moustache
It’s about keeping right hole for illumination strip light
Left at jail without old locker LATCHKEY
Money lodged in bank not long ago RECENTLY
Needle game’s inconclusive PIQUE
Clues Answers
Part of flower, first planted in raised border PISTIL
Perked up, seeing red cuckoo ENERGISED
Police escorting the lady when drunk like some spirits METHYLATED
Regularly recognise Times EONS
Rider grasps this burden with Bob saddlebow
Ruddy beetroot’s top coming into view BLOOMING
Seat on elephant who had hiccups HOWDAH
Some calumnious old students ALUMNI
Spot area knight has captured DAUB
State emphatically split during a glut ASSEVERATE
They’re likely to be told to belt up? back-seat drivers
Tool chap’s placed in church with letter on plate? CHISEL
Vigilant editor follows each elegy in translation eagle-eyed
Watered and weeded around close to beds HOSED

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