The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28257 April 6 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28257
Clues Answers
Admit NHS is struggling and inconsistent hit-and-miss
Argue over number in diplomatic body CONTEND
Blind prophet wearies one, equally TIRESIAS
Chap with stories for some other time MANANA
Coach under way past square four-in-hand
Given no option about a meal in the police canteen? force-fed
Golden pepper shortly providing yellow pigment ORPIMENT
Help with harvest? Not all Irish do slapdash work cut corners
In retreat, keep following banned subject for trade ivory tower
Lincoln’s state banker failing: only a shilling in it NEBRASKA
Line added to US soldier’s very short book JOEL
Look curiously around storage unit at residence, one for clergy PRESBYTERY
One short of a score regularly unfit, even after practice NINETEEN
Poet’s endless stream BURN
Private Society avoided admitting Conservative SECLUDED
Proud to put out and leave course drop out
Quickly wash baby and prepare vegetables top and tail
Regular signal to stop reversing through airport ORDERLY
Supports for “floater” and “stinger|” showing unexpected weakness feet of clay
Take in too much conversation, perhaps, as eavesdropper may OVERHEAR
The reason that keeps one writing fantasy WHIMSY
Trimming on robe I claim uncertainly? ERMINE
Two members of family, one failing to finish crossword? Nonsense mumbo jumbo
Unusual, having day off to see dam WEIR
Way I must feed small dog WESTIE
Witch wearing make up perhaps important element of diet ROUGHAGE
Would be important person with his writers NIBS
Zone round edge of Mestre available as refuge from Venice BELMONT

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