The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28261 April 11 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28261
Clues Answers
Ache to join key troops in the near future ERELONG
Advert judge viewed with hesitation REFER
Bad taste he exhibited initially? Surely not! AESTHETE
Country-lover’s predicament at first, caught up in civil unrest PATRIOT
County council’s final advantage, supplying ballast KENTLEDGE
Devise new version of control outlet REINVENT
Eccentric French composer wrapping clear thin fabric SATINETTE
Emotional disturbance produced by second white wine SHOCK
Flaw restricting ring, Irishman set up telephone facility VOICEMAIL
Further damage a length of metamorphic rock MARMOREAL
Humped beast city attorney found in arid surroundings DROMEDARY
Issue overshadowing sport scholarship ERUDITION
It gives a false impression to one’s pupils optical illusion
It may stop habitual drunkard touring Tamworth, perhaps SPIGOT
Knight leaves wading bird to get a drink BITTER
Leading journalist going over regimental HQ DEPOT
Off the alcohol, perhaps? Act as anchor in film on the waterfront
One flies aircraft primarily by way of rocky peak AVIATOR
Producer of fruit: pulpy drink mostly contains it CITRUS
Rascal cutting top off sturdy walking shoe ROGUE
Robots created by a university man at Aston originally AUTOMATA
Solitary individual in outskirts of Leicester LONER
Sparkle, giving low-down about border GLISTEN
Speed reached by the Spanish in very old metropolis VELOCITY
Stick with fellow unknown to go missing WAND
Testimony of French accepted by English fellow EVIDENCE
Turn up in Mongolian hut, finding dairy product YOGURT
Unoccupied daughter replacing son in Skye, perhaps IDLE
Way to spur fish STURGEON
What Tom possibly recalled, short hirsute growth TACHE

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