The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28262 April 12 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28262
Clues Answers
Book a specific couple of planes that take up gliders the two towers
Conflict about action copy discarded daily? WASTEPAPER
Curdled milk runs under container for fantastic pie? SKYR
Digital growth if learning is distributed FINGERNAIL
Disquiet from blood type being associated with fingerprints ABDABS
Excellent drug lad’s brought round spot-on
Farming authority regularly destroyed suede and fleece DEFRAUD
Food is something eaten with biscuits by penguin MACARONI CHEESE
Funnily metamorphose in …. this? pantomime horse
God sculptor’s not got right ODIN
I’d exposure badly in tragedy Oedipus Rex
Islander with French mother outside New Cross MANXMAN
Jungle Book role’s cut line in private MOWGLI
Literary character, another I altered ANTIHERO
Means of voting after Scotland raised tax postal ballot
Mostly sound mistake GOOF
Outfit introducing new phone RING
Parody finishes with the raising of spades send-up
Persuasive son frequently gets work over in South Ken soft-spoken
Plane is cutting weight in offload JETTISON
Preparation for viewers to look at ship EYELINER
Report about mass ceremony POMP
River rodent, the first to go extinct OUSE
Stomach jewellery rapidly losing value TUMBLING
Travel diversion in Hampshire town GOSPORT
Uneven quality of empty devotion in poems on saint ODDNESS
What unemployed Parisian does embroidery? NEEDLEWORK
Worker in print company ordered import covering operating system COMPOSITOR

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