The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28264 April 14 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28264
Clues Answers
A British journalist is lying ABED
Animal killer in ridiculous energy-wasting operations rat-poison
Caster of shadow in garden? Little fellow therein cut one short GNOMON
City drains needing black flushed out LEEDS
Comatose fellow coming in walked the wrong way DORMANT
Company boy among experts gets honours ACCOLADES
Country attire, not right when it’s getting worn GABON
Crystal read finally __ aim with special procedure DENDRITE
Cut into vehicle __ someone trapped may be this? SHACKLED
Ditch sermon? That’s bad for body of believers CHRISTENDOM
Evil in sacred Bible is beyond words INDESCRIBABLE
Good-looker in a party turning evil ADONIS
Holiday period problem for US rail travellers? NOEL
In kitchen ban every herb that could be lethal? HENBANE
Like a market sometimes, one about to offer precious metals BULLION
Most mischievous revolutionary’s limited in skill archest
Newcomer gaining ground? land-grabber
Radio announcement of how the enemy is advancing? time signal
Reforming MP, Liberal, I’m second in election PLIMSOLL
Shot at Lord’s gardener’s head with old weapon GLANCE
Shout first to last to bring to king encouraging message all clear
Son put into river in a box is treated with disrespect DESECRATED
Sorcery of African people on the up OBI
The first man lacks a mother DAM
The old man exploits gaps in conversation? PAUSES
Thoughtless person put stuff to be burnt here? INGRATE
Very distressing war never troubled China’s foremost ruler nerve-wracking
Woman is gentle, looking angry MILDRED

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