The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28269 April 20 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28269
Clues Answers
Attention-seeker covering British sailors in battle? ARNHEM
Coal processed outside top university in resort ACAPULCO
Crisis with turkey supply is threat to country? security risk
Decorative chain having two metals additionally inset FESTOON
Distressed having to get together with son shook up
Have argument about rook with an ascetic? SPARTAN
Jack perhaps following champion around on street face card
Key passage denied opening note ISLE
Man’s situation woman has abused, smuggling in ecstasy irish sea
Needing to trap fox, secret lodger lost elephant MASTODON
Ocean drifters not put back on board PLANKTON
One news supremo quickly on the rise in City PASADENA
Pointless to see reduction in common sense NOUS
Regret very much pronounced in French philosopher ROUSSEAU
Regularly find clues not working IDLE
Returning quietly, do penance in church and vacant tomb CENOTAPH
Revolutionary male doctor went down to find monkey MARMOSET
Sailor to expire whilst receiving whip, or give up ABDICATE
Sculptor with initial cast showing ruler in Asgard ODIN
Seductive dancer to accept honour in exchange for money SALOME
Smooth youth rounds cape in armoured ship IRONCLAD
Sophisticate, person on brink of victory? One’s lost! man about town
Stunner going about one day in gown with sash KIMONO
Thin wrapping material can be frustrating? TINFOIL
This attained, perhaps, so can one get involved with female? age of consent
This installed, point at vehicle sent the wrong way? SATNAV
Those considered expendable fed on corn and nuts cannon fodder
To dine before travel shows moral conscience SUPEREGO

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