The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28281 May 4 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28281
Clues Answers
A marathon in one direction ALONG
Always at the front, mogul, as kind of big fish MAKO
Being good, a lapse arising in class initially ignored ORGANISM
Breakfast perhaps for one in bed? KIPPER
Catch, having run into touch CONTRACT
Cross-country’s such sport: better when it ends in gold! OUTDOOR
Desire to move baton, result being different WANDERLUST
Distance achieved by missile, front of boat’s on fire? BOWSHOT
Doctor and I outside a house — in some state? IDAHOAN
Drink something salty, briefly TEA
Escaped gorilla in old capital RANGOON
Fish or game? SARDINES
Group touring Asian city sent the wrong way — that’s painfully irritating tear gas
Head examiner a learner probes whichever way ANALYST
Is a tropical cod fishy? PISCATORIAL
Island created by Gershwin MADEIRA
Meadow where bit of foliage cut LEA
New business premises ultimately ruined is uninsured: trial ensuing sunrise industry
Offer made in local Post Office in Russian too: why translated? whats your poison
Old patriot remains in faction, not turning WASHINGTON
Out of sorts, hit catching back of knee: hit back! below par
Sound as a bell, old dog DINGO
Spinning recalled in folk tale CINDERELLA
Spy after spy circling rear of White House PLANTAGENET
Summon bellhop PAGE
Taste of umami: soup flavouring in Japan MISO
Too much carried the wrong way de trop
Up in arms, though one leg down? hopping mad
Work set in conflict OPPOSED
Worshipped object: might fraudster claim that? ICON

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