The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28282 May 5 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28282
Clues Answers
Amateur player from incredibly rich nation CORINTHIAN
Behold very large European general LOOSE
Bounds of empire shifting over time? I’m not sure PERIMETER
Case of criminal instructor having run off CONTAINER
Censor right-wing writer blue-pencil
City hotel, an old one HANOI
Cockney put on payroll, creating resentment IRE
Colonel losing millions: not what one expected? BLIP
Doctor adored Liberal woman past her prime? old dear
Egg-laying creature quietly burrowing into ground TERRAPIN
English teacher suspicious in absence of head’s representative EMISSARY
Found among sarcophagi on ancient island IONA
Gamble when duke retreats, eliminated ICED
Get rid of Republican, keeping quiet about it ERASE
Harry succeeded in safe surroundings PESTER
Hurried back with judge for recount NARRATE
Insult female cashier DISMISS
Might I have a word with cardinal in the morning? AHEM
Mischievously stole time, finding excuse for a kiss? MISTLETOE
Nothing odd in Kennedy’s demise END
Plenty of beer drunk by backbencher? On the contrary AMPLE
Profile of Tory leading expedition CONTOUR
Reason things go wrong with potato salad? murphys law
Recommend a chap to Sue? ADVOCATE
Remove arresting officer? That’s quite revealing DECOLLETE
Rogue president entertaining a streetwalker? PEDESTRIAN
Sauce that’s very nice indeed TOPPING
Solicitor having bite to eat in pub BEGGAR
Sum of £1000 in cash MONKEY
Thus female must enter church on time THENCE
Twice finished burnt? OVERDONE

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