The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28287 May 11 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28287
Clues Answers
A game is set up, oddly, for a day in church SEPTUAGESIMA
Accepting new power, not a single craftsman is unbiased non-partisan
Acclaim register, one used endlessly by Brussels EULOGISE
Administered church, inspiring priest’s trust RELIANCE
Benefactors having no right to infiltrate parties DONORS
Capital Henry invested in high-quality food shop DELHI
Cook disturbed by a brawl FRAY
Cut out part of support covering financial centre RESECT
Extremely significant widespread conflict STRIFE
Furore over books in part of Belfast STORMONT
Improving technique increases murder rate upskilling
Ineffectual American drug? Not so USELESS
Intimidate son interrupting discussion in plant cow parsley
Like a style of painting some revel in early LINEAR
Lock up woman concerned with protecting elected member IMPRISON
More recent article identifies site of Roman basilica LATERAN
Newspaper’s revolutionary work plugged by Times leader red-top
Off-the-cuff claim to be on time at university IMPROMPTU
Person singing in new boat NARK
River horse, or cow, by the sound of it RHONE
Scandinavian food tucked into by a knight on board DANISH
Set cricket side up GEL
Singing and shouting odds regularly inside YODELLING
Student of life misused Bitcoins site bioscientist
Surpass old-fashioned tourists finally on excursion OUTSTRIP
Tedious book lying around Irish quarters TIRESOME
This standard giving rise to censure PAR
Unusually tiny, listens with determination INSISTENTLY

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