The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28289 May 13 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28289
Clues Answers
Articulate visionary author raised work awareness well-spoken
Awfully strained buyer does it to upgrade trades in
Bad boy out of bounds climbing tree OLIVE
Bird initially leaving boat in flood LARK
Cathedral clergy dispensing with clothing shortly ANON
Classification charge possible? I’m dismayed TAXONOMY
Convincingly firm without using force COGENTLY
Discharge former prince deposing country’s leader EXHALATION
Drink gallons, returning actual bottles LAGER
Fabulous land sharing supply almost everyone rejected shangri-la
Ferret to graze on food underground root crop
Following check, I’m not sure it’ll keep running STAYER
Gastropods which exhausted deer WHELKS
Government’s current input to local pit conversion POLITICAL
Headstrong, like horse at end of run RASH
Her majesty’s personal units? ONES
Hot stuff from graduates, with good intervention MAGMA
Lawman from New York seizing books artist brought back NOTARY
Legal restrictions on motor ignition when machines are running? lighting-up times
Prove unfaithful, as golfers typically do play around
Railway employees endorse line in final agreement SIGNALMEN
Record contribution to score NOTE
Report of singular advance LOAN
Stage drama at last before players collectively resign stand aside
Stretched leaders of one Nazi group cracking up ELONGATED
Transmission expert left to reflect during trial TELECAST
Tribute paid in silver blocks HOMAGE
Warped tail of sick raven KINKY
Where bee maybe lands later, conserving energy, and distracted on another planet
Wino died after trip in dark, delirious DRUNKARD

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