The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28295 May 20 2022 Crossword Solutions

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28295

Clues Answers
About to dive into water? Hold it! BREATH
American players — see them briefly in undergarments? LINEMEN
Bird, one sadly missing out — it can’t fly! PIG
Bishop has deficiency, predicament from which there’s no getting away black hole
Bit of food? Child eats seconds with a mother going short TOSTADA
Bit of wood left at back of farm in risky operation BRANCHLET
Brats go up to vandalise superior hostelry GASTROPUB
Bright light upsets these Greek characters NUS
Characters that could be hard up in social isolation PURDAH
Chief has drink with engineers SUPREME
City circles infiltrated by the Left OPORTO
Crazy girl I dumped MAD
Gentleman sent back fish dish (it’s ”crumby”) RISSOLE
Giant oil spills making a sort of design INTAGLIO
Important person with a billion banked? NABOB
In part of East End that’s housing for the toffs? POPULAR
Clues Answers
In quarrel notice piercing tool BRADAWL
Like message passed on to be perused, having got tidied up? Readdressed
Mollusc that has one looking amazed? GAPER
Moves made by members of the family holding firm after upset RELOCATIONS
One grand splashed out for something to make man a man? ANDROGEN
One takes the biscuit, as against a donkey? CRACKERJACK
Quiet and strange — that is street most badly built? SHODDIEST
Relaxation of French taking wine with English DETENTE
Religious proviso one gets in a church offering words of wisdom? ADVICE
River for you to sit beside somewhere in Sussex RYE
Second-rate monarch is moving betaking
Small balls in position one doesn’t want to lose BEARINGS
This writer’s needing to demonstrate progress IMPROVE
Tom maybe has a fit of temper — explosive meltdown? CATASTROPHE
Ultimately that unwanted plant is a border flower TWEED
Visitor with touch of embarrassment breaking wind GUEST

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