The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28297 May 23 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28297
Clues Answers
A bull never badly at risk VULNERABLE
After a shooting, one’s expected to recover RETRIEVER
Bloomer made by newspaper about lady-killer from the East SUNFLOWER
Breeding ground teacher associated with Pistol’s world oyster bed
Child’s donkey loses head, creating current disturbance EDDY
City displaying stylishness in the past CHICAGO
Dispute about a trendy Bohemian’s first colourful display RAINBOW
Energy learner exhibited? Nonsense DRIVEL
Faulty legal process, one I abandoned __a big blow MISTRAL
Figure of Greek character, one practising medicine RHOMB
Fossilised resin from Thatcham, Berks AMBER
Game Venetian who travelled widely in the East POLO
Like a heavenly body, a sort ideal for spinning ASTEROIDAL
Mail manager’s notice binding staff POSTMASTER
Mostly indisposed, appear rejected? UNWELCOME
New knight assigned powers to use one’s full potential spread ones wings
One competed with climbers in prominent positions IVIED
One removing spirit of sex involved with Corrie? EXORCISER
Part of SE England known to the Scots KENT
Part of service provided by US soldier touring my area GLORIA
Points about wine and fruit drink initially encouraging friendly relations entente cordiale
Posh bishop and wife in eg New York underground SUBWAY
Pronounced hardship for one working on sailing ship RIGGER
Report of medium-sized cat in playing area LINKS
River spirit raised in West African state NIGERIA
Rower finally abandoning country river URAL
Shabby trio framing poster, say, at pub THREADBARE
Short fellow embracing Italian woman, a national symbol BRITANNIA
They persistently criticise new vessels NARKS
Young fish constantly circling lake ELVER

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