The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28305 June 1 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28305
Clues Answers
A large country, good weather, without rain __ everyone will appear all and sundry
American guy lying to shake off other guys? Awesome! BODACIOUS
Bishop ignoring limits in requirements for clergy? ORDERS
Bound to have instant cut in relaxation RESTRICT
Brave to yield leadership to multinational force __ and doomed UNLUCKY
Collection of letters in which X frequently appears? postal ballot
Copy something that’s still around, article filled with power REPLICA
Corporation shaken with steps this person takes? belly dancer
Defeat inspiring passion with defensive system FIREWALL
Exhausted and heading away from dance, considering everything all in all
Frenchman goes off climbing in bad weather STORM
Humming sound almost entirely backing beat LARRUP
Indication to stop studied when speaking RED
Male bikers, as it were, cycling __ pardon? CLEMENCY
Measure of processing speed for plate needing development TERAFLOP
Odd slice removed from cut of beef? RUM
One with inside info to leave before second drink GOSSIP
Pressure from the past about to emerge, with views in opposition POLARISED
Quiet tear about Mike reveals weak character SHRIMP
Regrets first couple of options returned person of no substance POSEUR
Repository finding value in silence MUSEUM
Shock all but transfixed writer SHAKESPEARE
Some Balkan swindler always ignoring a note CROTCHET
Still recalled Michigan, going to city in Alabama IMMOBILE
Support group? Most of family quite failing to get it CLAQUE
Tree from area almost used up ASPEN
Unusually powerful King restrained on losing son OBERON
Urge to restrict first couple of ringing bells CARILLON

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