The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28306 June 2 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28306
Clues Answers
Above river, study game CONTEST
Bore is miserable male being shunned EAGRE
Distribute everything __ nothing left at the end ALLOT
During prayer this person’s to make a face GRIMACE
Effort of female put down FEAT
Escape a tricky situation? You get illumination from above LAMPLIGHT
Fine vase __ it has flower, something to embellish a room? FURNITURE
Frame given position in bottom of the box ESPALIER
French city spoils Parisian female, one trapped MARSEILLE
Herb adding price to alcoholic drink ALECOST
Heroes sit around making conjectures THEORISES
Hesitation about eating one egg or several of them? ROE
Inclined in education to ignore one of the three essential elements? LEANING
Keep mum involved in home decorating? Charming! DISHY
Killer of hunted animal guarding southern city once DESTROYER
Lightheartedness is the thing sought in duty LEVITY
Made to keep one listening and prepared for battle? FOREARMED
Month in which a fast woman tempted to enter races TEVET
Mortified drone showed sign of injury HUMBLED
One disloyal in a job, source of trouble APOSTATE
Pal I recruit to arrange something on a wall picture rail
Plant needing a support, post to keep it in place mares-tail
Positioned like a king in charge of subject TOPIC
Routine held up: nail the robber responsible for it? TURPIN
Sailor’s muscles ABS
Suitable honour for rising figure MOTIF
Tea and vinegar’s out for us: also meat VEGETARIANS
Tenants may have to deal with such correspondence LETTERS
Using fingers, mine, I count DIGITALLY
Warrior in hospital receiving special care SARACEN
Went hungry? Needing inner energy, did the opposite FEASTED
What’s explosive about sex appeal? She once told us! HITE

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