The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28316 June 14 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28316
Clues Answers
Appear suddenly surprised by clues, for starters! jump leads
Being very firm __ or cracking? RESOLUTION
Bone set as rust forms TARSUS
Boring maybe, with no goals ENDLESS
Brief tremor keeping sextet alert? qui vive
Ceases to accept deliveries incurring delays getting there? STOPOVERS
Delivery coming down from Scottish town, that is leaving before work AIRDROP
Dim, cold and ultimately dismal: best left unfinished CANDLELIT
Director of football’s getting promotion RUSSELL
EU doles willy-nilly: treat for parasites! DELOUSE
Flirt’s game, drawing out Romeo COQUET
Former champion to consider touring British compound EXACERBATE
Hardly occupied with loot a trifle
Hot air from teacher and officers meeting Heads? SIROCCO
Informing people of killer dog? RATTERS
Live on a B road outside English town ABERDARE
Lively music, I agree, and singular __ we weren’t bored in vain! discovery wells
Lots of praise for smashing United goalie EULOGIA
Not demanding extra requirement for film easy rider
Quickly shifting the blame __ in vain IDLY
Rank “two star”, being most pessimistic at worst
Regularly visited retired bushman on island OAHU
Saying what will be unusual if not urgent about measure fortune-telling
State home a charity set up INDIANA
Steroid used by escort is Olympian’s cortisol
Struggle to get words out of Frenchwoman in leading role STAMMER
Talk over ways to speak ill of DISCUSS
US singer’s term coined for foul-mouthed radio presenter? BLUEJAY

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