The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28319 June 17 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28319
Clues Answers
… eats hot chop in little bits HASH
Article seized by master from kid, perhaps LEATHERN
Children’s dog houses in display initially — placed here? bow window
Chronicler looks briefly for an audience PEPYS
Commission from East shunned by upper-class prig SNOB
Day in Rome that is timeless IDES
Divine judgment SENSE
Doctor Crippen loses dad, being forced to leave home displaced person
Drab partners holding hands, having nothing to hide SLOVEN
Entertaining creatures out of place in Metamorphoses pantomime horses
Fluid daft nurses fed in intravenously TRANSFUSED
Gangland boss better operating close to home CAPONE
Lustful old boy returns inside, chasing queen’s messenger errand boy
Mercenary lover puts one off holding dance FREELANCER
More prudent wife is heard not seen oddly WISER
Number one gundog polishing off last piece of meat … NOISETTE
One carving, with inscription, impressive Madonna and child monumental mason
Ringing area in on-screen shot RESONANCE
Rowdy old Tories scrambled aboard coach BOISTEROUS
Search far end of Yorkshire dale COMBE
Small vehicle accommodating a large quantity SCALAR
Small, soft lament WEEP
Stationery item — probably not much point going into it pencil sharpener
Traditional Cluedo weapon nicked straight from the kitchen? piping hot
Unanimously answer child, returning call as one man
Visible evidence of logging puzzles STUMPS
Warship crew’s heading in to press youngster IRONCLAD
Worsening classes during last month ultimately rally DEGENERACY

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