The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28321 June 20 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28321
Clues Answers
A good hail does for plant AGAVE
A pint? Not quite open AJAR
A thing actor looks for in pieces APART
Anger about northern army practice area RANGE
Cake club enter GB running BATTENBERG
Castle regularly ignored nearby dense slum area ROOKERY
Close shave with new electrical procedure near thing
County stick with old ways to employ STAFFORDSHIRE
Creature certainly caught, for instance, climbing GECKO
Delves into Spanish cubist to find dirty character GRIMINESS
Departs in seaplane, possibly here? ESPLANADE
Eject ticket seller outside Oval with bodyguard toss out
Feeling of pleasure in key agreement GRATIFICATION
How full eg trains are raised when a parliamentarian is involved jam-packed
I’m cutting green bananas for diet REGIMEN
Not all start without morning papers folded ORIGAMI
Page one possibly is after page one fodder? pigeon pea
Pickets court about rent supplement POSTSCRIPT
Power to germinate through repeatedly getting round current burning VIABILITY
Quarry’s last sign something’s not right after working stone ONYX
Revolutionary party in August uprising GUEVARA
Ring artist for fantastic idea CHIMERA
Source of oil put in some butter for protection PARAPET
South American native mammal or reptile, not one wanting company GUANACO
Story of the east Asian pagoda site after an earthquake A Passage to India
Very poor pay, clear for a nurse cut by subterfuge poverty-stricken
What reduces Shakespearean old hat SHAKO
What’s in region of France is not always there on-off

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