The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28322 June 21 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28322
Clues Answers
Boost position entering sports competition crank up
Both sides in Highbury perhaps useful HANDY
Decoration for the head of diminutive fellow? CHAPLET
Deliveries left for one on periods without work leg breaks
Dispatching right goods sold abroad for displays EXPOS
Filled with spirit, steed periodically follows groups of lawmen POSSESSED
Fool previously grasping an element of poetry ASSONANCE
Grating, 50 per cent heavy metal, released smoke IRKSOME
Great pianist listened to record LISZT
Greedy guts swallowing last of bacon on soggy ground bread once PFENNIG
Hurry to succeed, lacking patience make it snappy
In Latin, maybe I learn afresh without hesitation NUMERAL
Is it therefore African country close to Ethiopia? SOMALIA
Lack means to skin a certain bird, according to Spooner feel the pinch
Lean jockeys in lead, with food intake making body shapely PANEL BEATING
Make invalid endlessly fill unwieldy bags up NULLIFY
More bananas in dish consumed by ladies, say, and queen LOOPIER
New, doubly trendy, absorbing record? One’s bowled over NINEPIN
Not quite clean cut or appropriate PURLOIN
Party during time off jobs in bank, say hold-ups
Possibly corny item to advertise swimmer’s aid EARPLUG
Sports vehicle tours in escapade CAPER
Stocks cushion wife dismissed on line PILLORY
Traveller has fling in Greece, disheartened by a bit of a pig GLOBETROTTER
Travelling with pastry case, about to go en route
Truss neck with something worn around it, at first tie down
Undressed escort irrational round certain stars SCORPIO
Winning over Spain is painless: centre for training is lacking SEDUCTION

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