The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28324 June 23 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28324

Clues Answers
Antisocial youth that can be made booby of YOBBO
Bones Charlie removed from southern African capital SACRA
British excel in equestrianism, confined here once? BRIDEWELL
Celebration: feature originally of summer in the States FESTIVAL
Con workers in east of France, transferring property to state escheatment
Desk a chap left outside back of inn DAVENPORT
Duke intervening in a falling-out at sea ADRIFT
Dull poet on the rise DRAB
Early stage of development Dior abandoned after particular hesitation primordium
Employ too many workers initially to erect large shelf OVERMANTEL
Fat female gundog FLAB
Finish university with little finally to invest ENDUE
Former pupil pinching teacher’s last globe ORB
Get in a tangle, using tin tinker reworked INTERKNIT
Give up church, ultimately bored and uncooperative CEDE
Clues Answers
Ice cream all the players must provide nearly half of? tutti-frutti
Like a GP sacked for being rusty? out of practice
Managed to be artificial CONTRIVED
Marrowfat pea resisted at first by lightweight woman rounceval
Medical instrument outstanding policeman found in river rhinoscope
Noisy quarrel involving English composer in past BARNEY
Old language Zulu introduced to a private eye, perhaps AZTEC
Pointedly ignore friends in the centre? Charming! CUTE
Singer capturing large bird fairly quickly ALLEGRETTO
Source of fuel boy used in chilly conditions COALFIELD
Steps taken by Cubans having drink at pub reduced RUMBA
This mostly is associated with US city club LATHI
Turbulent period identified by firm in garden equipment plant roller-coaster
What may reduce inflammation in fowl on frozen water POULTICE
Witty saying’s import regularly ignored MOT

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