The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28325 June 24 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28325
Clues Answers
A representative leaving mushroom and bun CHIGNON
African frog: there’s ten in French work XENOPUS
Banned brown sauce, used in fish, to make extreme point south pole
Bird first-rate seen climbing locust tree, perhaps ROBINIA
Couple almost knocked over relative in troublesome spot CARBUNCLE
Crooner posed to accommodate cool artist SINATRA
Describing every detail, expose illegitimate child blow-by-blow
For audition, take out instrument one found in school sea bass
Forecaster interrupted by second news boss loses cool sees red
Has no further use for field glasses? BINS
Hideous aspect now seen from penthouse window? TOWNSCAPE
In Germany I must cross northern island INCH
In which one link tucks into the next? food chain
Limits on another ghastly line in fabric design ARGYLE
Lusty Charles for one eating meal left out RAUNCHY
Men occupied with prediction as overheard, speaking persuasively ORATORICAL
Old US actor raised as alternative to poets ROBARDS
Organ that is grasped in both hands, further back? EARLIER
Papers taken up and spread out for show DISPLAY
Poem about navy’s last ship needing year for journey ODYSSEY
Port and crispy pancake given to mother TACOMA
Porter say by railway accepting Cronin’s blandishments? CAJOLERY
Put wood back? Relax after taking in warning REFOREST
Stake stuck into companion by unnamed man in drama MACBETH
Stop doctor boarding E-boat? EMBARGO
Survey’s argument against getting into cultural revival RECONNAISSANCE
Urban myths held to be exploded in musical style Rhythm and blues
Was busy developing systems underground SUBWAYS

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