The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28327 June 27 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28327
Clues Answers
A legal right for someone from abroad ALIEN
Aussie native everyone accepted readily at first in court WALLAROO
Book unknown penned by English artist EZRA
Chosen way, do we hear, to become a conductor ELECTRODE
Circulate police officers as such DISPERSE
Composure of a Northern Ireland minister originally in actors’ union EQUANIMITY
Cunning deception disturbing in gem dealer LEGERDEMAIN
Decree covering most of paintings in old Chinese office MANDARINATE
Diving bird never settled by the ageing GBS? RAZORBILL
Eddy, Victor or Tony’s first old flame VORTEX
Empty container found outside jail VACANT
Food supplement damaging koalas to some extent GINGKO
Foot injury initially seen by a GP, perhaps IAMB
Greek character’s exclamation of distaste for listeners PHI
Kneeling-desk that is used by girl in Peru, oddly prie-dieu
Legislator with master’s degree wearing carmine robe, principally LAWMAKER
Like modern flutes stars never replaced TRANSVERSE
Most of capital laid down for equipment RIG
Noble gas identified by knight a long time in America NEON
North Europeans, quietly abandoned in East European pass ELAPSE
Novel ally of solver and setter? our mutual friend
Old coin Scottish architect used to secure team backing SIXPENCE
Old country broadcast set up to include last of such poems RHODESIA
Possibly Grandma in Missouri primarily studying French art MOSES
Sentimentality of team’s leader with small head TWEENESS
Sound situation for a swimmer at sea PLAICE
Splendid person, solitary type with no end of skill ONER
Travel east in fast car, one seen at Goodwood, perhaps RACEGOER
Way a planet reduced energy AVENUE

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