The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28328 June 28 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28328
Clues Answers
A French kingdom, not entirely fantastic? UNREAL
A state of well-being denied professional, bringing acrimony ASPERITY
Acre’s a ground with knight — fighting me? SARACEN
Considerate daughter not entirely esteemed RATED
Cut into rope that can be torn apart by teeth? CHEWABLE
Decides dirt being dished should be denigrated DISCREDITED
I don’t like that book, needing pair of spectacles BOO
Inclined to run, when given lead ASLOPE
Irish town with sculpture maybe mounted over shelter TRALEE
It’s no longer a legal infringement, to be exact EXTORT
Keep quiet, hold back PRESERVE
Mostly bank on pub providing a lot of beer? BARREL
Offering at mealtime could make a curate stare tartare sauce
One making a promise in page introducing book PLEDGER
One swimming in wine staggered REELED
Part of flower outside wilts when denied one form of support PEDESTAL
Potential killer said to be stupid, repeatedly DUMDUM
Preacher’s spoken with endless distress around MORALISER
See fellows ditching leader being thankful? BEHOLDEN
Separate record coming with speed — one minute saved DISCRIMINATE
Small vehicle making a round trip? golf cart
Spun-out speech to attract minimum of listeners DRAWL
Teacher and student finally chatter RABBIT
The German to entertain stranger who is old and infirm? DODDERER
The sun making the Spanish get up SOL
Think hard about bit of money put in box CONCENTRATE
Trap to restrict boat at sea — a form of traffic control CABOTAGE
Wild little creature doctor employed always mouse deer

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