The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28330 June 30 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28330
Clues Answers
£25 secures each climbing plant PAEONY
Bomber group carries a threat to shipping BERG
Class adopts one word for flower container? RIVERBANK
Cloak that conceals a drug in church CAPOTE
Direct telephone connection in hotel complex HOTLINE
Do too much in Ulster, say __ it’s fine for a time OVERCOOK
Father has maybe one old possible banger after another VICAR
Firm about narcotic substance COCA
Fishing net put straight across small French river purse seine
Gift item __ oddly, with jam on top PRESSIE
Grant put on a lot of weight when touring India DONATION
Green light seen in space CLEARANCE
Harry lets in police after a form of ID is produced name tag
Identify Crown Dependency’s dialect IDIOM
It’s not possible to have a party without toilet facilities? no can do
Kind of sweet to ring enemy up? Don’t be daft! come off it
Knock back drink around noon and have something to eat PARSNIP
Load vehicle before journey CARGO
Mix up one thousand with one hundred, as shown in illustration IMPLICATE
On snooker table, screw supports leg BACKSPIN
One’s in the force? You’d hope not! THIEF
Self-important pundit’s first sin is to support United UPPITY
Soldier maybe with attendant on parade PAGEANT
Study involves too much banjo playing __ damn! cotton-picking
Top English physician back in Massachusetts area Cape Cod
Understood to have dropped case in at home
Vacation’s itinerary to include old province Nova Scotia
Vicious Ohio gangster with new target practice facility shooting range
With great skill, branch line’s put together within a year ADEPTLY
With uniform in bag, scruff picked up catering equipment SAUCEPAN

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