The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28333 July 4 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28333
Clues Answers
“Go into a hotel” __ the general manager’s byword? APOPHTHEGM
Adorning prominent feature to fill in Parisian gear ENRICHING
Arboriculturist may cherish this security service special branch
Area is ploughed around university, a vast expanse EURASIA
Before each church collection Penny’s given olive branch peace offering
Belligerent seabird smaller ones upset SKUA
Caffeine supplier left fish around on floor kola nut
Class try unoccupied gym TYPE
Deputy cleaner cutting Frenchman’s cost of upkeep service charge
Discern contract snag CATCH
Forbidding sign a reason for calling off contest? no entry
Guide present source of power direct current
Hawkish sarge gives ground AGGRESSIVE
I retain distressed sloth INERTIA
Indian contribution to growth industry HINDU
Info on cryptic FT clue: ‘Take the knee’ GENUFLECT
Madrid gent covered up an attempt to steal litres HIDALGO
Make clear cross can straddle large drive ILLUSTRATE
Make comfy quiet head office in province UPHOLSTER
Mark to remain with lad for Top Gear STETSON
Mayo boxer can go about one round AIOLI
Old blower regularly blowing it? OBOE
Old magistrate one’s often seen with ruff REEVE
Rebellious daughter visiting loves plant OREGANO
Scrap upcoming motorway test EXAM
Section of tract: ‘USA Hopes Go Astray’ OESOPHAGUS
The Spanish cheese lacks minute essential ELEMENTAL
Understanding popular view INSIGHT

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