The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28336 July 7 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28336
Clues Answers
A sign November is turning to December time NOEL
Bomb may not be if it has this of use
Briefly take old vessel back round a volcanic island KRAKATOA
Called before match not being broadcast NEE
Cuckoo with intention of feeding? out to lunch
Don cape before a dance, leading lady love CABALLERO
Filling in cheque, as you’ve not settled? QUEASY
Grant airworthiness certificate perhaps, and send out let fly
Inside out? Stick with solution under lock and key
Large amounts of alcohol __ old fine __ introduced to US domestic market yards of ale
Love last traces of jazz age ever so ZERO
Maybe poverty’s rise in the East End ILL
Maybe Swede’s boss informally embracing celebrity, mostly GUSTAV
Mountain republic’s more westerly one excavated for uranium FUJI
Old president in uniform following ceremony I perform POMPIDOU
Old version of my commercial __ as before EGAD
Pay for courses, with books in principle FUNDAMENTAL
Place to go after ascending, with endless special food? VALHALLA
Preserve item, often mechanical, a source of drama QUINCE
S American revolutionary: more than that, a university teacher URUGUAYAN
Sharing out reward, ultimately two pairs in contention? DIVVYING
Spectator originally keen on following race meets runs into
Spent, having nothing else to pay? all-in
The blessed Guardian’s not partisan, somehow! patron saint
Unusual label on jacket accompanying a cloak DJELLABA
What boy working with monk after hours produces? HYMNBOOK
Woman’s who’s fallen __ case of fuel leaking? FLOOZY
World body backed agreement to hold vote without it UNSEXY
Young creature dying after taking lion’s head for its tail! YEARLING

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