The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28337 July 8 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28337
Clues Answers
Acid set off endless spasm CAUSTIC
Better in the fresh air, or hiding OUTDO
Call end to lottery and fail in entry method for pools? belly flop
Celebration with drink for fabulously animated figure GALATEA
Certain of success out tippling? Au contraire! home and dry
Contemptuous comment declines another card game for bridge players POOHSTICKS
Cream sample of fabric covers measuring device STOPWATCH
Fold paper cut by rogue cop with energy SHEEPCOTE
Great example of Times news BYWORD
In turnover, hot and lush rhubarb TOSH
Louvre, German agreed, more insect-infested? Not quite JALOUSIE
Make detached house in middle of county fine UNHOOK
Many a red deer has fled trembling inside hard left
Maybe lower emission from flame than exhaust METHANE
Monster blunder from the defence troops OGRE
Not dating posh girl English idiot embraces AGELESS
Old couple back for treatment, on the wagon TWAIN
Opera company repeated Ring movement me too
Parent with ace coats providing raised hoods MAFIA
Pizzazz from legislator wearing nothing? Golly! OOMPH
Report of toughness in variety of rock METAL
Single young man admits not eating bread pronto a fast buck
Special signal, something my old man may use in battle? PASSWORD
State one’s arguments against invading land WISCONSIN
Storer of cookies knowing to eat 500 ADWARE
Suggest convict holds appeal up INTIMATE
Tin item on chest supported by ship BRASS
Tommy’s edging round enchanting lady in a fearful state? TWITCHY
Undoing Nadine’s jacket I dipped in pickle NEMESIS
Unsophisticated sort of tyranny on line YOKEL
What one may do to rocket in take-off send-up
Workforce, following decline, means to raise standards FLAGSTAFF

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