The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28339 July 11 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28339
Clues Answers
Afterthought about a source of spring water SPA
Ambassador having friendly relations with European poet HEINE
Before mounting musical, director finally ran over story NARRATIVE
Cardinal’s assistant, initially receiving a rise PARAMOUNT
Court housing able-bodied in Swiss Cottage? CHALET
Defeated, running 20 for a specific nobleman out for the count
Eg wide passage out, not one taken by painter EXTRA
Finally seeing publicity, obtain gizmo GADGET
Flyer’s attempt at test taking hours goat moth
Forgetfulness of men travelling in continent AMNESIA
Foul smell left by small fish TENCH
Hardline barrister initially involved in interminable case UNBENDING
Head removed from bygone sea creature ORMER
Keen on adopting Rachmaninoff’s first prelude INTRO
Lucky creature, not large, caressing Henry’s cheek BACKCHAT
Make a mistake with task involving travel ERRAND
Man entertaining yen to crush King Edward’s army commander KITCHENER
Miserly type drunk on whisky and Drambuie, principally TIGHTWAD
Newlywed crosses stream, finding place to eat GRILLROOM
Open-and-shut, according to the circumstances? as the case may be
Opera with spoken dialogue, one mostly including a lot of agents SINGSPIEL
Outstandingly fine method of punishment! SPANKING
Petulant woman feeding wandering sheep PEEVISH
Photo turned up on the woman’s secret writing CIPHER
Recent deal sadly restricting fine sewing and embroidery NEEDLECRAFT
Right setting for English first-year students providing elevenses, perhaps? REFRESHMENT
Root retired man associated with mother’s ruin GINGER
Scraggy girl’s first obsession THING
Study party rules to begin with, being a high-flyer CONDOR
Wagnerian heroine in the Valkyries? Yes and no EVA

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