The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28343 July 15 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28343
Clues Answers
Alcohol in plenty about to be drunk up STEROL
Arab spirits a western distillation, we’re told DJINN
Base of allotment isn’t soil TAINT
Equipment enabling troops to set off safely? mine detector
European twice collared by West End vagrant calmed down SWEETENED
Exploit course in rock formation ANTICLINE
Familiar cries, a result of sharp batting in nets? CATCHPHRASES
Favouring denouement in which Morse loses case ENDORSING
Film actor wanting lead in Psycho LAYER
Islander promoting firearms ban is touring area ANTIGUAN
Lawyer in haste docked before sailor tried had a stab
Mite or small bloodsucking fly SMIDGE
Murderous criminal: ‘I’m a child with nothing to hide’ HOMICIDAL
One over-publicising quote for web-based facility HYPERTEXT
Other folk provide meals for him CANNIBAL
Particle put forward and not rebounding POSITRON
Perfunctorily execute rogue SCAMP
Press finally employ literary device IRONY
Read column providing special delivery service registered post
Region’s leader among peacemakers moving crowds DROVES
Relaxed, like journalist after magazine’s closure EASED
Spa whence wealthy queen came, king’s wife BATHSHEBA
Stand in use finally, after furious dispute DEPUTISE
Surely not turning back on fortune? no chance
Tetchy bridegroom somewhat cross HYBRID
Unorthodox spinner’s run in different sport parodied trap-door spider
What’s spoken of as model station in subcontinent CASTE
Workers officially organised races, one for all on staff TUTTI

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