The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28348 July 21 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28348
Clues Answers
A greenish-yellow colour, but endlessly eloquent in a party AVOCADO
A little music in the pub BAR
A piece of jewellery shortly turned up in Indian dish RAITA
After breather, energy to spring forward LUNGE
Arrogant poke round university PROUD
As a woman, I am surprised to be holding a gun AGATHA
Boxes, and gets involved in conflict on playing field RECTANGLES
British sailor returning to port BAKU
Disaster, taking on black bear BRUIN
Discharge, old and bowed ARCO
Dopey elder, sacked, given new job REDEPLOYED
Drive to clean out, with no pressure URGE
Free to air, do we half listen to this? radio two
Grazing animal left in splendid meadows GRASSLAND
Induced to admit philosopher in courses LAYERED
Large part of day filled with a ferment LEAVENING
Literary set in a punt on river in opium dream ALPHABET
Material wonderful, almost sumptuous FABRIC
Most skilful answer? Lucky ABLEST
Often visited relative man had welcomed HAUNTED
One slightly adjusting tea, we hear, with extra milk? tweaker
Part of wall fitted with extra breadth: that’s hard to understand GABBLE
Pass year with novel, not quite satisfactory tickety-boo
Powerful leader rigged the odds going to bust criminal Big Daddy
Removal of free social event RIDDANCE
Something you can’t touch landed in boat sacred cow
This is the end of many inflammatory diseases TIS
Torment is base and wicked BEDEVIL
Turning over papers, a judge giving mark DIACRITIC
Watch weight, facing contest VIEW
Well-informed deputy, good and honest UPSTANDING

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