The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28349 July 22 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28349
Clues Answers
A combination of elements making Scott’s hero abandon his lake INVAR
A Welsh female maybe “catty” in a certain way? PERSIAN
Agency no longer in a slippery situation? OFFICE
Agent tore around with anger. presenting a range of items REPERTOIRE
Asian individuals tucked into curry maybe? INDONESIAN
Candidate finally finishes speaking with husky voice in the auditorium stalking-horse
Comment critically, notice given after a game ANIMADVERT
Diseased tree to get rid of — most of the tree TEREBINTH
Endless ordeal involving your old heavenly body TETHYS
Fellow standing on court outside hotel somewhere in China MANCHURIA
Former PM to show lack of respect for artist and priest DISRAELI
How to make Elba popular FASHIONABLE
Kind to bag excellent 50? That’s more than is expected of me! TAILENDER
Managed to conceal identity, on the way up from rock bottom NADIR
Mistake wearing gem that’s only cheap paste? RUBBISHY
Naomi’s tricky medical procedure AMNIO
Not half incautious, producing alcoholic drink CAVA
Officials showing excessive charm with female stars around FUNCTIONARIES
Old bar providing port OBAN
One in charge of NY paper, say, lacking freshness? USED
Prophet with small house disappearing in water SEA
Protection ahead of assault means an additional expense cover charge
Short note written about part of speech VERB
Sporting hit in area at front of house? on-drive
Suggestion of story comes to writer in hut SHACK
Thereby, one understanding nothing must keep quiet mostly Ipso facto
US President getting little right, helping to create anomaly ABERRATION
Vessel surfacing? One is designed to carry passengers BUS

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