The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28351 July 25 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28351
Clues Answers
Advert covering e-cigarette? REEFER
Again set up old seat of learning, losing one by park RECONSTITUTE
Artlessness of surgeon standing by major road in north-east NAIVETE
Athlete’s particularly protective knitted garment? long jumper
Austrian novice of slender build TYROLEAN
Berceuse in two keys penned by French composer LULLABY
Bird house originally opened by American writer HOOPOE
Dam constructor’s extremely brittle state BEAVER
Deliveries sweethearts initially rejected OVERS
Eccentric lord with a role protecting universal currency EURODOLLAR
Finally going for a tryst involving university degree-holder GRADUATE
Fortuitous, a Parisian camping on Scottish island by loch UNINTENTIONAL
Hallucinatory experience produced by drug? Nonsense TRIPE
Ill-judged refurbishment of modern studios MISUNDERSTOOD
In theory, no friend receives maidens at home NOMINALLY
Innocent inventor of decimal system this writer had talked of dewy-eyed
Island 2 keeping key MALTA
Let in again to study at US university READMIT
Outstanding note on a historical Italian town OSTIA
Police officers right to go into data on titled ladies GENDARMES
Quiet rescuer loses head — a worker by the way PAVIOUR
Ring obtained over in West African state TOGO
Slide sideways, initially striking young child SKID
State Pierre’s agreement to meet Welsh girl in Hollywood area LOUISIANA
Summary — not quite exact PRECIS
Villain caught breaking into safe on fifth of April SCOUNDREL
Withdrawal of power defending player PULLBACK
Wonder at his men’s not unusual ASTONISHMENT

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