The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28364 August 9 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28364
Clues Answers
Army head acquires a second scar CICATRICE
As well it’s where a countdown is heading TOO
Bird’s claw regularly in its beak? MACAW
Brought round again, gunners tired, needing energy to rise REAWAKENED
Building in garden where a serving of wine is free? GLASSHOUSE
Expression of revulsion in one heavily criticising carnage SLAUGHTER
Extra protection on helmet gets one almost cooked GRILLE
For leader shortly cooked sponge FREELOAD
Gathering there’s no end of damage on tunic HARVEST
In refurbished inn, a relaxed six-footer ALEXANDRINE
Inflexible barrier installed by a worker ADAMANT
Killer insect wife brushed off ASP
Laughed and shook her hips? Good for wife! GIGGLED
Like “Hook”, say, pronounce the H ASPIRATE
Most modern part of the US, regularly a vital part state of the art
Nanny’s tender love, coming in to collect daughter GOATHERD
Observe Albanian money to be back in the frame SKELETON
One very meticulous stage work the caretaker
Pattern of cloth vet put on canine perhaps after canine dog-tooth check
Picked up suitable one to wear fancy raincoat for approval RATIFICATION
Prompt English journalist to probe possible traitor SPEEDY
River gets clogged up in sound STYX
River runs away from country houses GANGES
Spare time not disguised OVERT
Spots parent with a clue for resolving maculae
Unsteady, twisted across wide street WAVERY
Vanity cases? EGOS
Wonderful group of friends that takes the longest route round the world great circle

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