The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28367 August 12 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28367
Clues Answers
American battle casualty in US hospital, in bed sick bunker hill
As Calabria’s often viewed from the west? TOE
Awful mistake, supporting Polish RUBBISH
Be stuck with second class post JAMB
Book about blind man, very much missed by son TOBIT
Devious miss might ultimately plot to be mine for evermore? bottomless pit
Draws close to various sailing vessels SKETCHES
Endless Abba it turned out? tribute band
English Premier League initially breaks constitution HEALTH
Feeble doctor in denial about another’s salary namby-pamby
Following current, tendency to lose a wader IBIS
Food certain to go off after a year patna rice
Group of sailors carrying on bachelor chat with Lucy yacht club
Hard work’s upset a delicate lass SYLPH
Holed up in Manitoba, two Menshevik officers’ attendants batwomen
I must think about looking firstly for a place in Germany ULM
It’s more than just one’s elder relatives, however! family tree
Keen __ for one shot to the top DIRGE
Mass in Latin one is ready to give once? lump sum
Old archbishop accepting record player, a thing for retirement bed jacket
Old king’s pronouncement after enlightenment by bishop AHAB
On regular basis, nonmeat’s bad for stomachs OMASA
Payment made with fake euro, one GCHQ investigate finally giro cheque
Publicity domain having to include secure network ADLAND
Ready-made article put in ice to freeze off-the-peg
Shell explodes twice, bringing police PLOD
The habit a disappointed dog owner had got into? mother hubbard
Very smutty, perhaps, and blunt in speech, getting excluded BLACKBALLED

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