The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28371 August 17 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28371
Clues Answers
A city rent is ridiculous? Sure thing CERTAINTY
A lot of effort to get a new advertising feature SLOGAN
Allow story about Conservative? Breaking news carrying no weight LICENSE
Alpine lake falling short __ unknown quantity needed for stability CONSTANCY
Arab country offloading Middle East currency YEN
Bill almost crazy to return TAB
Bloke needing microphone repair after change of heart MICHAEL
Boy lied? Not good SON
Business information in current year AGENCY
Cheat getting round a new rule CANON
Everybody in staff raised money DOLLAR
Fashion accessory obtained out of South American city BOA
First degree thus fundamental BASIC
Hopefully learning many are involved in this legal matter class action
Idle cop somehow to turn back his support? police dog
Imaginative architectural feature in mind __ millions expended INSPIRED
Implausibly fast mover on yacht at sea TACHYON
Inexpert fellow invested in gold? Heading for ruin AMATEUR
Instruments, black in appearance mostly GUITARS
Lithium company beset by wrong element SILICON
Me, I will participate in most of opportunity to get fitter? MECHANIC
Military accessory at work, requiring billions invested BUSBY
Nothing blocks machine, all wrecked, attaining the dumps MELANCHOLIA
Old relative was not happy about rising extravagance GRANDEUR
Questions accessories needed for ballet? PUMPS
Seek new skill? Picked up skill, staying in control RETRAIN
Self-evident Times article turned up with peculiar expressions I’d ignored AXIOMATIC
Study sounds of birds avoiding northern part of Europe SCANDINAVIA
Test offered by sequence in exposed cards? dummy run
Visit with estate agent, perhaps, getting invitation to check next option? see over
Who’s got ready to study? NUMISMATIST
Wrong answer __ subsequently repeated in second test ASTRAY

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