The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28372 August 18 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28372
Clues Answers
A few always involved in the Spanish uprising SEVERAL
Again call on girl during fresh exam REVISIT
Biscuity food from first of restaurants overlooking Welsh river RUSK
Bogey we hear eatin’ disgustingly by top of cooker HOBGOBLIN
Character complete, ready to act on Broadway? letter-perfect
Courted sweetheart leaving for club? WOOD
Dined in brassiere at Enfield EATEN
Eg Australian worker, chap with digital audio player ANTIPODAL
English college servant has to enter unknown antiquary’s study EGYPTOLOGY
Exaggeration about gallery employees in centre of Boston OVERSTATEMENT
Extremely patchy artist can ultimately paint such a shrub PYRACANTHA
Farewell from guerrilla leader going over European port CHEERIO
Frill displayed by honoured companion in Continental street RUCHE
Glower when farm animal gets into small lake SCOWL
Gorge? Ravine? Defile? I don’t know the answer PASS
Insect initially biting female in humble surroundings BLOWFLY
Lied about trendy lass’s informal music-making? SINGALONG
Literary pirate ultimately hails from the East SMEE
Make carefree sound when crossing street WHISTLE
Material in US state teacher removed from capital NYLON
Ministry identified by wiggly stripe on headgear PRIESTHOOD
Oration cracking up a large area of Canada ONTARIO
Reporter’s right to obstruct suspected adulterer CORRESPONDENT
Severe medic in wooded area, going backwards STERNFOREMOST
Sicilian criminal’s girl in old Chinese leader’s circle MAFIOSO
Starchy tubers up north — the ropiest, almost TATTIES
Vanish from area, protected by female military engineer DISAPPEAR
Violent criminal’s secure telephone safe-blower

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