The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28377 August 24 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28377
Clues Answers
A passage of Beethoven in coastal resort HOVE
Beat Iris and Ethel gutlessly on behind FLAGELLATE
Bound to be in extremely terrible, indebted state TETHERED
Criminal’s demand to pass drink hands up
Descendant of dissolute cousin not upper-class SCION
Did quail or chicken, we hear COWERED
European and say a pair of Poles bring round Irishman’s work Finnegans Wake
Examining body stand out, holding drape at edges EDEXCEL
For a number, the setter leaves four and nine out NUROFEN
Going around a lake, my waterproof covering GALOSH
Heroically resisting pizzicato, perhaps? UNBOWED
Hopeful prohibition gets lifted during decline WANNABE
It precedes fast run in dip by one tot heading west mardi gras
Italian bear touring island by India LUIGI
Laughter about a scoundrel initially alleviating back pain HEADACHE
Person checking lines succeeded as a linesman? VERSIFIER
Peter out in gusty weather getting led astray outside DWINDLE
Pine and willow casing old vessel LONGBOAT
Post or beam with one end knocked off AFTER
Proper English throne overturned from long ago PRIMEVAL
Put off some food __ consumed sandwiches last for dinner DISHEARTEN
Rings head of theatre as well as players here BANDSTAND
Roman’s date is not a bit small NONES
See guy turning up around store, in charge BISHOPRIC
Something for a baby, a little poem? LAYETTE
Spinning plate, one lacks civilised instincts ANIMAL
Sports champion remains after burning energy ASHE
Wager miserable rozzers are authoritarian lay down the law
Wanting education and mostly ill prepared UNREAD
Zoom call only half about head of state CAREER

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