The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28382 August 30 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28382
Clues Answers
5:37, perhaps, is when most are watching? prime time
Briefly cancel boring family member’s leisure RELAXATION
Cheese from farm fair goes rotten Fromage frais
Coin dispatched to the auditors CENT
Cook binned a key ingredient for chilli kidney bean
Cooks tofu in a stew, admitting starter of turkey is unavailable out of stock
Customers tell niece off CLIENTELE
Dusting sign on top of library during cleaning period? SPRINKLING
Fairy queen avoiding difficulty to get flower PERIWINKLE
Give up TV for a toy jack-in-the-box
Head of innovation not in running for award GONG
Henhouses with no roof? My mistake! OOPS
Hit Scotsman over pinching bishop’s instrument thumb piano
I live with cross mountain climber? IBEX
Informally, it is not corrupt? TAINT
Island beginning to erupt — heavens above! SKYE
Live together in concert
One flat, say, with important endorsement key signature
Open gothic novel suitable for a film? PHOTOGENIC
Opportunely gathering trendy material for a coat? PAINT
Party official’s business working to capture one arachnid whip scorpion
Pinch whiskey in wooden container TWEAK
Private place to drink beer occasionally INNER
Short street party is swell CRESCENDO
Slightly move the jug STIR
Spy pens farewell, initially navigating in a new direction at a tangent
Twin reported for fight DUEL
Writer shuns a universal god THOR

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