The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28387 September 5 2022 Crossword Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28387
Clues Answers
A source of unwellness in northern ocean? NAUSEA
Advice to buyer: try timeless ring owned by speleologist caveat emptor
Arabian film star engages university in dispute ARGUABLE
Club next to apartment that’s used to press FLATIRON
Cold fish behave like limpets CLING
Dance round under branch LIMBO
Diver with navy enlists Europeans supplying sharkskin SHAGREEN
Go round twisty ridge, making descent PEDIGREE
Grand boy, taking violin out of case, blossoms GLADIOLI
Guard for pupil that’s batted sometimes EYELID
Holy city with current version of Chinese script PINYIN
Home Office head stops just over a hundred masses hoi polloi
Insensitive state drivers commandeering a single convertible ANALGESIA
Is it always plain sailing for him? ordinary seaman
Like buccaneer briefly left below island hoping to make it ASPIRATIONAL
Lower front of sister’s hood SCOWL
Minister’s aide tormented a co-ed head DEACONESS
Old queen in charge of resistance unit OHMIC
One piece of writing in career is unconvincing FLIMSY
Police arrest leading lad shooting darts CUPID
Put differently, traveller has English about right REPHRASE
Raphael’s first avoids glazing detail, creating illusion vanishing point
Slate lawyer, bamboo fancier PANDA
Stocky type to finish concert up in old hotel ENDOMORPH
Stooping to secure second creative work DESIGNING
Victor replaced by Number 10 in patent offensive OBNOXIOUS
Whitish yellow plant that climbs walls IVORY
Yankee cabs ignoring sort of junction feature in chart y-axis

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