The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28389 September 7 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28389
Clues Answers
A learner restricted by paltry grant ALLOW
A quiet chum joining a Greek character at a US location APPALACHIA
Absurdly rich parish starts to build other churches in York maybe ARCHBISHOPRIC
After trick is set up, maybe watch worker not doing all the hours part-timer
Area of land is hell __ endless weed HECTARE
Available set of books collected by pensioner on tap
Bear up, whether great or little? CONSTELLATION
Bias of journalists probed by legal team PREPOSSESS
Boring teacher struggling with class __ headmaster finally intervenes CHARACTERLESS
Colleague in compound being loveless ALLY
Drink which exceptional soprano aspires to reach? TOPE
Girl crossing the French islands gets extremely cold GLACIAL
Grassy area in UK holiday region protected by special gardener GREENSWARD
I explain model being kept by former lover without much money EXPOSITOR
Ineffective folk to worry about WETS
Jerky movements when somersaulting in authentic performance RECITAL
King of the Amalekites is a joke! AGAG
Like saucy specialist nurse maybe, getting to the point PERTINENT
Maiden buried in textbook is more stuffy PRIMMER
Shake a big drink to get male drunk TREMBLE
Stage garment APRON
Stuff awfully pure worn by composer UPHOLSTER
Trouble about to be noticed in posh vehicle or more ordinary one RAILCAR
Water penetrating hotel beyond acceptability __ challenging situation hot seat
Weird and horrible experience involving black vehicle? MACABRE
What’s disgraceful in Blue Eton man is not to be spoken of UNMENTIONABLE
What’s said to be dismissed at all times and everywhere THROUGHOUT
Wooded area once part of Arthur’s territory HURST

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