The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28390 September 8 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28390
Clues Answers
A good appeal: support promotion of communism AGITPROP
Create flier that’s OK forget it
Dream what croupier might say? IDEAL
Each sole mended __ string nearby? SHOELACE
Economist and poet taking cannibal’s food? milton friedman
Family dispute __ help! DOMESTIC
Flat passage in requiem, initially erased APARTMENT
For example, Homer’s Greek character gone travelling PIGEON
Foxy observed mousy collecting newspapers SHIFTY
French city, former Olympic hosts cancelling field event? LILLE
Harsh critic in debate “discontented” with vehicle DETRACTOR
Heavyweights in defeat saved by endless cash COLOSSI
Interruption of testing by India leader of opposition dreads, say? HAIRDO
Magnate ending in family business, significant amount’s banked TYCOON
Money to invest, sterling CAPITAL
Old general I pass invading Indian city AGRICOLA
One’s neither civil nor polite, but rude or foul! four-letter word
People who don’t believe lies find another way INFIDELS
Purple’s second and blue’s third in red fish TROUT
Reportedly, foreign water perhaps does well! oh dear
Shop fronts on dreary estate look inadequate DELI
Sign name to take claims up TOTEM
Sit with old master sprawling __ might one? artists model
Square packing crate designed for fruit NECTARINE
Suspect provided that case of felony IFFY
Toil over an advertising expression SLOGAN
Underwear in state: groom is wearing it! COMBINATIONS
Worshipper’s place in which food eaten, primarily? REFECTORY

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