The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28394 September 13 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28394
Clues Answers
A soldier, British, returning to secure space on ship for gun big bertha
Article about another old clan chief THANE
Cooked on beach without trendy dinnerware bone china
Deceitful behaviour put bend on railway CHICANERY
Difficult to ignore king with medal, perhaps AWARD
Discuss possibly sleeping over on edges on terrace DEBATE
Drew old rock band t-shirts for hippies tie-dyes
Famous Roman port city’s nickname POMPEY
Get angry note dictated by leftist see red
Give an address for a test sample ORATE
Go off school during appointment DETONATE
Great composition cut short by European LARGE
Hope a bit of sun appears in most of country PRAYER
International young lady drinking shot GLOBAL
Junior’s grabbing sword, descending on plants __ yikes! jeepers creepers
Kind of experience a masseuse needs? hands-on
Lives on spacecraft, one surrounded by water ISLANDER
Musician’s desire to cover trio occasionally LUTIST
Observing ability to accept brigadier’s last command eyes right
One centigrade close to temperature limit for cold surface ice cap
Persian utterance lost after battle __ that’s painful MIAOW
Present on a podcast twice? I agree! hear hear
Reluctantly pay £25 at college pony up
Some lingo that’s freshly made? NEOLOGISM
State of green sweater new jersey
Tenor worried about a song’s introduction __ it might be high! TREASON
That is boxing magazine’s picture IMAGE
Translator’s boy held up by river in the north-east TYNDALE
Vessel I can put on sea, heading west DEMIJOHN
When drunk, create alcoholic pastry chocolate eclair

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