The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28397 September 16 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28397
Clues Answers
Any short trousers for protective wear APRON
Auditor’s folk investigating source of firewood? COPSE
Biddable character given a gentle hint a soft touch
Completely unknown priest turning up in a German church every inch
Complimentary expression for all-in wrestling? FREESTYLE
Cool, practical jars contain rum UNROMANTIC
Couple without love kiss and curse JINX
Creeper I planted originally in ground close to hedge MILLIPEDE
Endeavour to slash regular outlay for clothing RAIMENT
Exclusive journalist admitted OWNED
Fake warning from driver about end of parking FORGE
Graduates brought in to reform old college alma mater
King going outside city to unwind RELAX
Lining up trap: earlier be a victim of one? falling in
Mounting horse with regulation step gets run over RECAP
Nervously try fire alarm a lot TERRIFY
One appeals, putting pressure on landlord PLEASER
Past master with desire to carry on PROLONG
Reactionary Portuguese master turning in back gate in a certain style POSTMODERN
Sent elastic strap to go round our uniform pants RAPTUROUS
Shrewd copper finally got there CUTE
Side with a large following increasingly delayed LATERAL
Small band making an impression? signet ring
Speedy setter, delightful guy primarily filling in clues SUPERGLUE
Staff shielding leaders of experimental team in part of plant PETIOLE
Stated couple settles for partial head coverings TOUPEES
Thin echo emerging from dark wood BONY
Turn of century suits put on for graduation NOTCH
US car marque not allowed new insignia CHEVRON
US college team’s first baseball kit MITT
Vital English engineers in draft heading west ENERGISED
Was repelled by violent death HATED

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