The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28399 September 19 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28399
Clues Answers
Avoid drill sergeant’s shouted command SHUN
Be lumbered with harvesting at first by more senior squire land-holder
Bring up? It’s brought up by the laggardly REAR
Conflicting information received in delight DIVERGENT
Dark period man on board talked of NIGHT
Dull, going over sierra in damp part of US MIDWEST
Fastener on animal enclosure, extremely nasty and trashy CATCHPENNY
Forbidden to frame message finally __ on this? NOTELET
Gull-like bird __ in water, normally TERN
Inconvenience male in nightclub fashion DISCOMMODE
Jet starts to near airport in Italian city RAVENNA
Mass converted clan go to in Rome CONGLOMERATION
Obnoxious son arrested by Labour leader over party LOATHSOME
Officer commanding little group OCTAD
One divining secrets unfamiliar to her daughter thought-reader
Part of speech in French introducing a garden plant VERBENA
Plant everyone observes at end of field ALLSEED
Prince given ring, a symbol of saintliness HALO
Small measure girl’s taken to cover new term MILLIMETRE
State sector briefly featuring in vocal piece ARIZONA
Teacher openly revered at first by boy king TUTOR
Tolerating a heartless order ABIDING
Top European waterway skirting state missile launching site cape canaveral
Typical helper on expedition, one carrying the flag? standard-bearer
Ungodly composer missing in India PAGAN
Very old eat in canteen, just outside, strangely ANCIENT
Word silver worker used for shrewish woman TERMAGANT
Worker’s musical production originally viewed in formal wear OPERATIVE

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