The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28400 September 20 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28400
Clues Answers
A rising desire to entertain brothers providing heavenly food AMBROSIA
Account with something charged, a large amount BILLION
Bishop to go on in the pulpit perhaps where there’s something thorny? BRAMBLE
Bits of fur in Spooner’s undecorated rooms? HAIRBALLS
Bring out record and fail to achieve success DISCLOSE
Cleaner with cluster of hair is a weedy type CHARLOCK
County hotel needs delivery of food first MEATH
Crew of terrible moaners OARSMEN
Follow measures of the upper-class English ENSUE
Forced to let daughter off rent RIVEN
Harsh scorn concerning social worker DISSONANT
Head in charge of lesson’s theme? TOPIC
Holiness and good sense spreading outside walls of convent SANCTITY
Holy person, before getting halo, must be kind of sound STEREO
House by a river that’s cold HOAR
Husband boarding dirty-looking boat DINGHY
Indestructible female with anger and power getting on top FIREPROOF
Items on work schedule creating fusses? TO-DOS
Language in school? It’s discordant SCREECH
Men meeting one unknown, then another, beast ORYX
Mistake about eating vegetable and fish PILCHARDS
Mistreat a special collection of bones METATARSI
Note rebel’s affectation? FACADE
Opposing information from boffins causing moral sensitivity? CONSCIENCE
Round French resort, becoming delayed on ice
Sequences covered by organs, coming before the service, say? EARLINESS
Sir Arthur’s great happiness BLISS
Source of fibre that is served with butter RAMIE
Sporting, and newly prepared for defeat FROLICKING
Tasks on election night for noble fellows COUNTS
Work with affected type who may not cooperate? OPPOSER
Yell when a girl is trapped — troops to the rescue? CAVALRY

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