The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28408 September 29 2022 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28408
Clues Answers
A word for doing turns with English accent BREVE
Champers offered for a great prize? EYETEETH
Column something written by Greek survivor? PILASTER
Extended breather needed after following brother on ascent far-flung
Film dealing with case of arrogant bully MISTREAT
Girl doing housework with a cheerful expression au pair
In which sat the head of organisation shakily? hot seat
Jersey, perhaps, with large hood COWL
Kills time with furtive look around city LEICESTER
Mischief that makes very big waves ELF
Never fit to bat on, I abandoned not a bit of it
Not prepared to dispatch article with clout off-the-cuff
One actor, Irish, featuring in British books and play blithe spirit
One to carry in drink? WAITER
Parisian in purple trousers meeting with everyone PLENUM
Party outside harms awfully quiet US bar dramshop
Perhaps one judge to be included FIGURE
Physicist’s routine, see, releasing energy RUTHERFORD
Pirate didn’t pick articles for pillage Captain Kidd
Place in Surrey for one radio operator EGHAM
Plot escape, causing uproar BEDLAM
Pot overturned mostly letting nothing out TUM
Pound fare with seats often unavailable? BUFFET
Relieved when our side is backed by veteran? ASSUAGED
Stylish horse guards at military base INSTALLATION
Succeeding by stopping ensnarement plan NEXT
Upset unfortunately by delegation to university city up north UPPSALA
Victory was one of those fine prisoners’ words leading to cheers FLAGSHIPS

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